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Who will this Alliance benefit?

This will obviously benefit the Owner-Operators and Small Carriers, for whom the benefits are clear: way more money and a refined industry geared towards keeping truckers paid and happy, but it would also greatly benefit company drivers. If the small carriers are doing great, the battle for drivers will reignite and the company drivers’ wages will go up as all the carriers will again fight to attract the most drivers to take advantage of a hot market. That would be great news for drivers as they will be able to weigh multiple offers and choose the best position that fits their needs and wants. If the jobs will be plentiful and start paying great again, it will allow company drivers to save their money much faster to become owner-operators or be able to easily pay for their home and food again. I’ll tell you who our Alliance won’t benefit: the shippers and scumbag brokers, and that’s ok with me.


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