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A Club to Become the Best Version of You

Invest in yourself! This club is great for members who are actually hoping to become a better version of themselves as it can help each of us with goal motivation, life advise and whatever else you feel you lack in your life. It can be as simple as just having someone to talk to for support when needed or a self-esteem booster. It can be about providing hope or being socially connected, which is really important for our mental well-being. Another interesting benefit could be that you simply don’t want to be a burden to your loved ones with what you have to discuss or can’t share certain details with your family and/or friends. Whatever it is, we’ll be there to help you become the best version of yourself possible!


Another benefit we offer is the included Coach Club. This club is a part of the BetterMe Club, but where the BetterMe Club is for members to communicate with other members of the club, The Coach Club is similar in a way that it’s purpose is to help members with their issues, but the difference lies in that it’s for members to speak directly with someone (one-on-one) who will do the background research on the member’s issues to actually come up with helpful solutions to help our members, whether it be advise on life or love, or to have someone to talk or just vent to when you may have no one else for that or don’t want to be a burden to your loved ones, having someone to just listen and/or to help you feel understood or be the motivator you need in your life to get to your next goal in life. Whatever it is, we’re here and ready to help!


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