Rates & Rules


Base Haul Rate:    $4.50 per Mile    (5% annual rate increase to match inflation)


Special Equipment Haul Rate:    $5.00 per Mile    (5% annual rate increase to match inflation)

Reefer, Heated Van, Step Deck, Conestoga…


Special Considerations Haul Rate:    $5.50 per Mile    (5% annual rate increase to match inflation)

Hazmat, Tanker, Time-Critical…


Special Equipment with Special Consideration Haul Rate:  $6 per Mile  (5% annual rate increase to match inflation)

Combined Special Equipment (like reefer trailer) with Special Consideration (like Hazmat)


Detention:    $150 per Hour    (after 1 hour)

Keeping a truck and the driver at a shipper / receiver facility isn’t cheap, especially when it results in losing the next load resulting in losing the whole day. Higher detention rates for carriers will ensure that either shippers / receivers will get drivers in and out as quickly as possible or compensate them fairly for time lost


Extra Stop Pay:    $150 per Stopplus Per Mile

Extra pick and/or extra drop


Driver Tracking:    $25 per Day

Charged per date driver has a load on trailer


Truck Order Not Used (TONU):    $500plus per mile

Taking the time and effort to drive all the miles to the pickup just to find out there is no load isn’t fun or cheap. That mistake can result in the driver losing the whole day, so they should therefore be fairly reimbursed


Layover:    $1,500 per Day

If a driver is told to go to a shipper just to find out they’ll have to wait until the next day to get loaded, they will lose that whole day. That is very costly so they should therefore be fairly compensated for that lost day


Overweight:    $250    (Each time driver has to come back)

Driver has to take the time to go to the scale, then go back to the shipper and wait to get reworked and then go back to the scale again, usually resulting in hours of lost time, and with the ELD onboard, drivers can’t afford to lose that valuable driving time and should therefore be fairly compensated for the overweight mistakes


Rejected Freight Transport:    $500    (within 25 miles, per mile rate after that; includes 30 min wait time to decide where to take it, detention charged after that)

3rd party freight disagreements have nothing to do with drivers, but some place that burden on the drivers either way and expect us to take the freight someplace for free after making us sit in the dock for 2 hours while someone decides where to send us. This obviously can’t happen because it not only results in time and fuel lost but also may result in losing the whole day. That’s very costly to drivers, so if drivers are to be a part of a 3rd party disagreement, we should be fairly compensated


Rejected Freight Detention:    $75 per Half-Hour

30 minutes is included to find a place to unload rejected freight. Anything after that to be charged at $75 per half-hour. $75 minimum after 31 minutes


Lumper Paid by Carrier:    $100 Financing Fee per Day

Lumper has nothing to do with the drivers, but for some reason it has become the responsibility of the carriers to pay for the unloading service just to be reimbursed the full amount later. The unloading of the freight has nothing to do with the carrier, but if the shipper / broker wants the carrier to borrow them money for lumper, it will come with a $100 financing fee per day


Shipper Factoring:    5% per 30 days

Carriers should be compensated for their work when the work is completed, meaning get paid upon delivery. If the shipper wants terms (for the carrier to wait for payment), there will be a 5% factoring fee added to the haul rate per 30 days


All transport transactions and contracts to haul freight are to be between the owner of the freight and the carrier physically transporting it, meaning between the carrier and the shipper without any middlemen


Every shipper & receiver has to provide a clean indoor bathroom for drivers

No portable outdoor toilets / port-a-potties / outhouses


Shippers & receivers will allow carriers to stay on their property if they show up within an hour of their scheduled appointment. No kicking carriers out if they’re 30 min early for their appt.


Shippers & receivers will not charge late fees when drivers show up late to pickup or delivery

Shipper / receivers will place late drivers on work-in status and get them loaded / unloaded as soon as they are able with no monetary penalty


Shippers & receivers have to remove larger chunks of left over pallet pieces and/or dunnage materials that arrived as part of the load

The driver brought the whole load and should be able to leave with no leftovers. Drivers have another load to pick up right after the current one and we’re usually pressed for time so removing the load in it’s entirety is a must

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