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This one is for those of us who may want to take a couple days to relax and enjoy the area in a place we’re delivering to, or even to just go visit. We all have homes somewhere, and to us it’s just our home but for someone else it may be a place they’d like to visit. If I’m on the road, my place is just sitting there empty and another member can enjoy a little getaway in my town or because we’re members of the same brotherhood, the visitor can even come stay with me while I’m home and make a new friend. I already know they like trucking so we have that in common right off the bat! Before we except new members, we make sure every one of them is vetted and verified so there’s no worries there, and we arrange for any cleaning that may be necessary after the stay. We can let a member enjoy our home or even arrange to trade homes with them, like if I want to visit Washington and another driver who lives there wants to visit Vegas where I live, for example. And what about if we’re stuck somewhere for the weekend or longer and are just sitting in our trucks while we could be at a nearby member’s house grilling up a storm? I know we’d go for that in a heartbeat! This club offers a lot of possibilities for its members to enjoy some of the places we visit while working. There’s a potential vacation waiting for you wherever you may find yourself! Check out our Membership page for more info by clicking the button below

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