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Welcome to the heart of the open road, where the open road, rumble of engines and the brotherhood of truckers meets the digital highway! Our one-of-a-kind Trucker ClubHouse is the ultimate online destination built exclusively for passionate truckers like you who navigate the vast expanses of the country on eighteen wheels. Nestled amidst vast landscapes and endless highways, our ClubHouse stands as a haven for those who steer the wheels and carry the spirit of adventure. For truckers, life on the road can be both exhilarating and isolating. That’s why our ClubHouse was born—to bridge the gap between the solitary nature of the profession and the need for connection. As you join the ClubHouse brotherhood, you’ll be welcomed by the unmistakable scent of diesel and the comforting buzz of conversations that echo tales from the tarmac. Whether you’re a seasoned road warrior or just starting your journey on the open highways, our ClubHouse is designed to be your ultimate one-stop destination for all things trucking, brotherhood and professional & personal growth.


At the Trucker ClubHouse, we understand that trucking isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. That’s why we’ve created a virtual oasis where you can connect, share experiences and forge lasting friendships with like-minded individuals from every corner of the globe. The ClubHouse serves as a hub for truckers of all stripes, providing a respite from the relentless miles and a place to exchange stories, share experiences and build lasting friendships. From seasoned veterans to newcomers, we embrace all who call the road their home. Our community is a diverse mix of long-haul truckers, local drivers, fleet owners and industry enthusiasts, all united by a common love for the road and a desire to make a difference in the world of trucking.


The essence of our ClubHouse resides in the members who make it come alive. The camaraderie and support found here are second to none. So whether you’re in search of a moment’s respite or a warm welcome from fellow road warriors, our trucker ClubHouse is the ultimate pit stop on your journey. Embrace the sense of belonging and let the stories of your adventures on the open road flow freely in our trucker community. Share your unforgettable road stories, swap tips and tricks to conquer challenging routes and exchange valuable insights about the best trucking gear and technologies. Engage in lively discussions about industry trends, regulations and the ever-evolving landscape of trucking.


Our clubhouse isn’t just about work and logistics; it’s about forging lasting friendships and connections with fellow truckers from all corners of the globe. Join in on virtual meet-ups, events and trucking-themed competitions, where you can showcase your rig, skills and expertise.


So buckle up, grab a hot cup of coffee and hit the accelerator on this exciting journey. Together, let’s steer this online trucker ClubHouse into a road-bound sanctuary, where the spirit of adventure and the sense of community thrive.


Why become a member of the Trucker ClubHouse? Simple – because you deserve the best! Your membership unlocks a wealth of exclusive benefits and features that will take your trucking experience to new heights.


Here’s just some of the exclusive benefits we’ll be providing our valued members:


** Access to Tons of Clubs **  As a member, you’ll have access to all sorts of clubs that range from social & romantic communication and gatherings to all sorts of different hobbies with like-minded new friends to even learning and money-making opportunities, but one thing is for sure: you’ll never have to go at it alone ever again with all the new connections you’ll make when you become a member of the Trucker ClubHouse!


**Access to Premium Content**  As a member, you’ll enjoy unrestricted access to a treasure trove of premium content curated by industry experts. From expert tips on improving fuel efficiency to in-depth maintenance guides, we’ve got you covered with the knowledge you need to succeed.


**Interactive Webinars & Workshops**  Our online ClubHouse will host regular webinars and workshops featuring industry veterans, trucking professionals and specialists in various fields. Gain valuable insights, learn new skills and stay updated with the latest trends that will help enhance your career.


**Members-Only Events**  Get ready for thrilling in-person and virtual events exclusively for our members! From trucking challenges to convoy cruises to truck shows, you won’t want to miss a single moment of the action.


**Networking Opportunities**  Connect with fellow members, potential employers and industry influencers. Our ClubHouse fosters an environment where you can build meaningful connections and explore exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.


**Exclusive Deals & Discounts**  We’re partnering with all sorts of leading brands to bring you exclusive discounts on things like gear, parts, equipment and services. Save money while investing in top-notch gear to keep you on the road and driving in style.


**Safe & Supportive Community**  Our priority is creating a safe and supportive space where you can freely discuss your challenges, share your triumphs and seek advice from fellow truckers who understand the unique demands of your profession.


Take the wheel and join the Trucker ClubHouse community now! Sign up to become a member and elevate your trucking experience to a whole new level. Together, we’ll pave the way for a brighter future on the open road.

united we rule, divided we slave

While it’s fun and exciting to belong to a social club where you may meet new people and possibly even learn and improve yourself, it is extremely unfortunate that something like this may actually be necessary for some of us and that no one is doing anything about it. This is the reason we couldn’t just continue to ignore our brothers’ and sisters’ problems any longer! The Trucker ClubHouse was born out of not just having a great time but also a necessity to help our fellow drivers with things like stress and mental & physical health issues, but as we kept working on it, it became so much more than that! Drivers are extremely stressed out and sleep-deprived, depression is at an all time high, more than 50% of drivers are obese, over 87% have high blood pressure and trucking is America’s deadliest industry, by a wide margin! After seeing these and a whole lot more issues drivers have to deal with besides driving, we knew we couldn’t just sit idly by and do nothing! The ClubHouse aims to take on as many of these very serious issues as we can, and to have as much fun as possible while at it. We started with a club to help with this, and another to help with that, and as we kept thinking about issues plaguing our industry, we continued to add more and more clubs and the ClubHouse was born. Check out our different ClubHouse pages for more info

quick list of our current ClubHouse Offerings


Social / SelfImprovement Clubs:

  • Social Club (includes Sub-Clubs)
  • Quitter Club
  • Fit Club
  • Philomath Club
  • BetterMe Club
  • Cupid Club


Trucking Clubs:

  • DialaTech Club
  • Rescue Squad


Hobby Clubs:

  • Well Armed & Ready Club (WAR)
  • Travel Club


Income Clubs:

  • TransVertising Club
  • Trucker Triumph Club


…and more to come…

join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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