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An Equipment Repair Phone Consulting Club

dial-a-tech for advice on an issue you hope to tackle yourself


Have you ever been in a situation where a mechanic was fixing your truck and you thought to yourself: I could do that and a bunch of other things if I only had a little guidance. If that’s you and you’re handy and have some tools in your truck, this club is what you’ve been hoping for! We know some experienced techs who can assist with just about any issue you throw at them. Having a problem you think you can handle? Give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with someone who will guide you step-by-step to get your issue resolved, potentially saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a shop repair or a road service call. Another great benefit that has helped us a whole lot is having someone to call to verify what the mechanic at the shop you’re at is telling you, like when he saw a little bit of oil on the engine and said you need a new oil pan gasket. If something seems off to you or you just want to make sure, it’s great to have someone to confirm proposed repairs with and even send some photos to if needed to make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of! Some of these mechanics just love to pray on the drivers who don’t know better. Well, not anymore because you have armed yourself with a secret weapon, and that’s the Dial-a-Tech Club! We can help with just about any trucking-related issue you may have, including help with your reefer unit, and everyone who becomes a member will get our full list of suggested tools, parts, supplies & fluids to keep in your trucks to be ready no matter what happens!


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