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The goal of this Alliance is to bring the fight to the brokers / shippers while avoiding damage and/or failure of our businesses so we remain able to feed our families. Some people may have lots of money saved and can afford to go all in no matter the outcome, or take road trips to protest, or just really believe in their ability to do something great for our industry and are ready to pay the ultimate price. We really respect their resolve, but we’re not ready to risk our family’s well-being for any reason on this planet, so no matter what, we’re not going into this all or nothing, but with the understanding that our businesses have to survive by any means necessary. That means we can’t openly boycott brokers and get blacklisted, or shut down for a week or month or until things get better, or go take road trips to Washington or anything else that will hurt our bottom line. Money has to keep coming in day in and day out, so the first thing we have to consider is doing this the smartest way possible. Besides, every load we don’t take, for whatever reason, will be taken by someone else like the mega-carriers that will be all too happy to do it while laughing at us all the way to the bank. That’s just us losing business, and for what?! We’re not going out like that, guns blazing while not thinking or caring about our future.


The OOSCA’s strategic plans are not dangerous or costly. They don’t involve blocking highways, or Washington, or us from continuing our operations and making money while dealing a huge blow to brokers and shippers. There’s power in numbers, so the brokers and shippers won’t even notice it unless there’s a whole lot of us, united in our efforts for a fair industry. It’s what we are owed, what we deserve and what we’re destined to receive! The OOSCA’s plans will circumvent all the people currently in power, giving our members the ability to make real changes to our income and the entire trucking industry.


We can fight or we can do nothing (as we’ve always done) and just keep whining impotently about problems we don’t have the stomach or attention span to address. It’s up to us, as it’s always been. Our Alliance gives us hope where, for a long time, there was none. If what we’re saying makes sense to you, join our fight by joining the OOSCA. We hope to have your support for a better future in trucking.


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