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the OOSC massacre

The OOSC take on the most responsibility and liability just to have very little, if anything, to show for it, and are therefore suffering and dying. The industry is in the gutter because the way it operates leaves the OOSC to fight for the left-over scraps. The brokers participate in a bidding war against each other in order to secure the shipper contracts, offering absolute lowest garbage rates just to outbid each other. Even when they win the contract, they will again be outbid at some point by another broker, bringing the rates even lower. At the end of the day, the shipper is happy and the brokers don’t care how low they bid because they’re not the ones losing money. They’ll just steal their profits from the OOSC because that’s their standard procedure, just like it is for the shippers to have brokers fight for their loads so they can line their pockets and show higher profits to their investors. The winning broker will then sell those loads after taking a healthy 40%-60% profit, leaving the scraps to the OOSC. The rates most of them offer are not even enough to pay our bills, let alone put food on the table. Brokers get to spend their days in a comfy air-conditioned office, chit-chatting with their fellow scumbags while making huge profits and getting to go home to their families every evening, we work days & nights while struggling to sustain our businesses and support our families. So what do we have here: not only are the shippers winning because they got the unbelievably low rates to move their products, but the scumbag brokers also win, taking a good chunk of our money for themselves while assuming no risk at all, and repeating that process as many times a day as they want to screw as many carriers as possible to maximize their profits. The OOSC, however, are the hardest working part of this equation and the clear losers because we assume all the risks & responsibilities while getting robbed by the shippers, brokers, the regulating & taxing government, fuel, maintenance, repairs, parts, fluids, tow services and road service and so on and so on and so on… Everyone’s got their hands in our pockets and I say it’s about time we stood up for ourselves to put an end to this disrespect & highway robbery.

join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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