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Membership FAQ

everything you ever wanted to know about OOSCA membership but were afraid to ask

That’s because one size does not fit all. Ever try to fit a trucker into a small t-shirt? All jokes aside, some of our members (Bronze) only want to join the fight for a better trucking industry but already have too many friends and don’t want to better their lives or have more opportunities. Some members (Silver) want to join the fight with even more OOSCA support but are also excited to join a network of like-minded people to potentially get in shape or find a new friend or significant other, or get some advise or find out how to fix their truck or any other of the many benefits we offer in our extensive ClubHouse selection. Then there are those of us who really believe in the OOSCA mission (Gold) and want to support it on a whole other level and get some extra included clubs as an added perk. Finally, there are those of us who want this, that and the other, and then some more (Diamond), meaning they want all the stuff mentioned above, but they support the OOSCA war on an ultimate level and want to take advantage of most of the clubs our ClubHouse has to offer. For these members, we rolled out the red carpet and spared nothing because they’re the best of what the trucking industry has to offer, the true American Heroes! We want to truly honor them by providing our Diamond Members with the most perks, including an Annual Destination Blitz GetAway. Check out all the perks & benefits that each of the Membership Levels include in the other questions and answers in this section

It includes all the countless hours that went into the planning of this organization thus far and all the future developments to come. It will go into the organization of all members in our efforts to end our trucking industry struggles, above & beyond the simple boycotts. It will go toward growing our Alliance, including all the development & marketing costs, and being able to offer benefits like lawyers and lobbyists, and to provide your support for our mutual goal of a better trucking industry. It will go into the development of trucker support programs which will include fuel discounts, insurance discounts and parts, tires & repair and maintenance service discounts and truck wash & detail services, to name a few. It will go toward covering future fights for a fair industry, such as if the dollar becomes more and more worthless or something else happens that will cause us to be treated unfairly, we’ll always be there to fight for our members’ fair treatment. It will go toward building a full-featured OOSCA website & app. And above and beyond all that, your membership shows that you’re serious about our fight to end our struggle to not only survive but to thrive in a trucking industry of which we can all be proud!

It includes all the things mentioned in the Bronze Membership, but with a larger contribution to our Alliance and access to our ClubHouse with 3 clubs of your choice included. The ClubHouse is a collection of all sorts of fun and supportive clubs for our members to enjoy but it takes a lot of time, money and effort to organize them all and their activities, and as we all know, if you get something for nothing, you won’t really appreciate it and probably won’t even use it. We’re interested in members who are actually going to use our clubs and their benefits. Imagine you joined the ClubHouse and are looking to get in better shape or find a new friend, just to see that there are a thousand members in the club and nobody is interested in doing anything. That is not the type of environment we’re looking to create. If you really want to achieve something, you have to make an effort and by paying for the service, you’ll hopefully actually use it. We have lots and lots of clubs for our members to take advantage of, including getting healthier or support for quitting a bad habit; finding new like-minded friends or significant others; getting some advise on trucking or find out how to fix your truck or advise on running your business or any other benefits we offer in our ClubHouse. Check out our long list of current clubs for yourself on the ClubHouse page. There’s a good chance you’ll find something you’re interested in and you’ll know that your added Alliance support contribution goes up by 50% over the Bronze Level. On top of everything else, it’s a $175 value so it saves you $75 each and every month, which is like getting all 3 clubs for free!

It is very similar to the Silver Membership in that it comes with access to our ClubHouse, but it also comes with even more support (than Silver) for our Alliance and includes 6 clubs, which is a great value of $225 if you’re looking to take advantage of a good number of the clubs we have to offer while contributing to our war to save trucking. And with a savings of $75 every month, it’s hard to beat!

Our Ambassadors are some of our most valued members because they truly believe in our mission to save trucking so much that they’re willing to go above and beyond to spread the word and bring in much-needed new members to join our war! Besides helping spread the word, they are also kind enough to let us use the back doors of their trailers to display our OOSCA ad to let everyone know what we’re trying to accomplish for our trucker brotherhood! These exemplary members are truly America’s Heroes and are like family to us, and we are, of course, extremely grateful! That’s why we came up with this completely free membership that shows them just how much we appreciate what they’re doing for the trucking industry. This membership comes packed with everything the Gold Membership has to offer, but above and beyond that it also comes with 50% Off the regular price of Everything OOSCA has and will have to offer for as long as you Fly the OOSCA Flag (the trailer ad), Highway Outlaw’s Official OOSCA T-Shirt, OOSCA Truck Sticker & Custom Ambassador Gold Member Wallpapers for Phone & Tablet, and you get all that for the low low price of free!

The Diamond Level is reserved for our most valued members who take great pride in being on the front lines of our war for a better trucking industry and not only do they want to contribute as much as possible while getting the most out of the OOSCA but also want to have a hand in all our plans and procedures. These are the heroes of the trucking world who were going to participate in most of what OOSCA has to offer anyway, so we rewarded them with a whopping $200 savings each and every month, and that’s not all! The Diamond Membership includes all the things mentioned in all the other levels, but also a QUADRUPLE Alliance contribution over the Bronze Level, as well as access to the ClubHouse with an astonishing 10 clubs, and if that wasn’t enough, it also includes our Annual Blitz Destination GetAway! It’s an annual event for our VIP’s to take a week off (during blitz week) to meet up at different destinations each year for our ultimate relaxing vacation. We rent a super fancy mansion (or mansions depending how many of us there are) with a pool on a body of water with boats and lots of activities to enjoy the company of like-minded Diamond individuals to just unwind, have great conversations about what the OOSCA has been able to accomplish while grilling and what direction we’d like take it next year while swimming or boating or hunting or whatever we want to do that day. The options are limitless but one thing’s for sure, you don’t want to miss it! We’ll relax, discuss our Alliance’ future plans and next year’s Annual Blitz GetAway destination. Do we want to go to Colorado or Tennessee or go enjoy the beauty of Washington State? It’s up to you, but no matter where we end up, one thing’s for sure: we’re going to have an amazing time relaxing while exploring new destinations with great company. It’ll be an event you’ll talk about all year with the rest of our Diamond Members (who will become like a second family) and make all the other members jealous! At this point, I bet you thought that was it, didn’t you?! I bet you were thinking how can this possibly get any better, but we’re still not finished rewarding our trucKing VIP’s! The Top Tier Diamond Level also comes with a mind-blowing 50% Discount on everything OOSCA has to offer and will ever offer, for LIFE! You heard correctly! As long as you remain a member, you’ll get everything for half off! How’s that for giving back to our most valued soldiers fighting a war to end our oppression and finally be able to thrive in our beloved trucking industry!

We’re glad you asked, and the answer is no, they don’t. The higher your membership level, the more you contribute to our fight for a fair trucking industry, so with each upgrade you do, we give you more perks for free to create value for our valued members while making sure more of your contribution goes toward making sure that our mission has every single chance it needs to actually make a difference! Just going from Bronze to Silver raises your contribution into the Alliance by 50%, while the Diamond Level TRIPLES it, so upgrade your membership & let’s get to work!

We have a total of 1,000 founding memberships. The very first 100 members will be considered Elite Status and will get the most perks & benefits, followed by the next 300 members who will be Supreme Status and then the final 600 members will be Premier Status. Learn more about all the benefits of becoming a Founding Member in the question below and on our Membership Document. This info will be available until all the Founding Memberships are sold out

Because we’re just getting started, our Founding Members mean the world to us, and are therefore rewarded with lots of perks & deep discounts on our services. The first 100 Founding Members will get the most perks and 50% off everything we offer for as long as they remain members. The next wave of 300 Founding Members will still get an amazing 35% discount across the board and the final wave of 600 Founding Members will get a very significant discount of 20% off everything we have to offer for life! Everyone after that will be at regular price so don’t miss your chance to become one of a very limited 1,000 Founding Members! Our membership costs will go up as we add more and more perks, features & benefits, so get your discounted Founding Membership today and enjoy everything we offer at a discounted rate while supporting our beloved trucking industry for a better tomorrow! To find out about all the perks & benefits that come with all the founding memberships, check out our Membership Document

As with everything, our rates will go up in the future as we add features, perks & benefits, but our Founding Members’ rates will always stay grandfathered-in, so what you pay when you sign up will be honored as long as you remain a member, and should you choose to upgrade your membership or add benefits, everything will always be priced at your original Founding Member rate!

OOSCA is on a very important mission to change trucking as we know it so we need all the help we can get, and that comes in the form of our members’ contributions. Further, above and beyond the Bronze Membership, OOSCA offers a whole lot of value for our members and to ensure that our members don’t feel taken advantage of with future discounts when they paid our standard price, we will not be offering sales or discounts. With that said, all our Founding Members get huge discounts just for joining our fight right from the start, with the first 100 members being Elite Class and getting a whopping 50% off everything we have to offer including any future upgrades for as long as they remain members! There is another way, and it’s reserved for those of us who truly believe in our mission to save trucking and want to help spread the word. We call it our Ambassador Membership, and you can check out everything it comes with in another answer on here or on the Membership page.

Though there are no refunds, you may cancel your membership at any time you choose to do so.


Should a members decide to cancel, they would lose:

  • All the benefits the OOSCA has gained from fighting to make trucking a better industry (all OOSCA benefits, including but not limited to our shipper partners’ loads & TransVertising contracts, will only be available to OOSCA members)
  • Founding Member Status with Custom ID Card, Member Number, Nickname & Discounts (should a member choose to rejoin in the future, they’ll be added as a Standard Member, get a standard basic ID, get a new member number, have to pick a new nickname from what’s left available and lose all Founding Member Discounts & Perks)
  • ClubHouse Memberships & Access
  • Any and all other benefits included in your membership, including your places in line for various opportunities and all future developments & programs

join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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