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Industry Scumbags: Mega-Carriers

Mega-carriers (MC’s) are a huge part of the problem as well. Not only are they usually brokers too, taking all the good loads for their own trucks and selling all the garbage to us for high profits, but they also lobby in Washington for more regulation on a regular basis. Regulation that suits their needs. They have large budgets set aside for that specific purpose, but what do they want for all those millions they spend? They want to level the playing field to be the ones left standing after the massacre, which means they want all the OOSC to lose everything and go out of business. They’d love that because that would leave only one option which is to come running to them begging for jobs. If the small carriers fail, where will all the drivers go?! No one will have a choice but to join the ones left standing or quit the industry. I don’t know about you, but I love this industry and don’t want to hand it over to anyone! If we continue to do nothing, they’ll be the only ones left standing because they’re able to haul for less because profit is multiplied by tens of thousands of trucks, so they can just wait it out or buy everyone out like they’ve been doing.


Large shippers need MC’s because they have the capacity to move all of their freight and if they don’t, they’ll just use their in-house brokerage to move the rest. This gives them a lot of power over the market, not to mention lots of profit. With that profit, they’re able to always get new equipment and attract new drivers due to their training programs. With all that in place, they’re able to not pay their drivers much and keep them down to barely afford their lives, let alone buying a truck to become an OO. MC’s have all their power because they control a lot of trucks. Swift, for example, just bought out US Xpress so they will now control 25,000 trucks and 93,000 trailers, which they can run for a lot less than us to lower market rates and run us out of business. They’re playing the long game. The only thing we can use to fight this WAR is our unity, because united we control a hell of a lot more trucks than them (more on that later). Our strength will only come from our total numbers. MC’s can’t move America without us, not even close, so we hold all the power. When we all join the OOSCA to unite and gain power, the MC’s will lose power and they won’t be happy about that, but they have the money and connections to wage war against us. We must stay strong, smart and ahead of all their efforts. If we’re successful, MC’s won’t be able to compete with us because they won’t be able to match what we’re paying our drivers so all their drivers will want to drive for us, or the MC’s will have to charge their shippers what we charge or more, thereby leveling the playing field. The only thing we need to win the war is unity.


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