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how the OOSCA came to be

I am an owner-operating small carrier who’s fed up with the way things are going in our beloved Trucking Industry. I love what I do, and can’t imagine doing anything else, but the shippers, brokers, mega-carriers and the Government have all ganged up on the Owner-Operators & Small Carriers (OOSC) that collectively move most of everything in America. The reason they’ve been able to do so is because we won’t stand up for ourselves and fight back, even though we have all the power in this industry. Shippers and brokers are literally banking on our division and the OOSC’s competitiveness. Instead of going after shippers and brokers, we remain their slaves while making fun of our own brothers and sisters to help pass the time as we struggle to make ends meet. While brokers are having meetings discussing how well they’re doing and how they were able to lower their transportation costs yet again to show record profits quarter after quarter, we’re bickering with each other while hurtling toward our own demise. We’d like to show record profits too, since we’re doing all the work, but why should brokers care if we don’t care about ourselves? If they can take advantage, they will and do. Have you actually ever taken a look to see what some of these broker companies are worth?! I’ll go over that a little later in this text, but the numbers are staggering. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked them up, and the only way they’ve been able to get such high valuations is off of our blood, sweat & tears! Do we ever hear of any brokers going out of business?! How about shippers?! All we ever hear about these days, and often, is that a lot of carriers are going out of business because we are the only ones that take on all the hard work, responsibility & liability, while hauling for peanuts! It’s clear who they think are expendable, but we’re the most important link in the supply chain and should have all the power, because if the OOSC trucks stop moving…they all die! The shippers and the brokers stand to lose the most from the OOSC uniting, while we stand to gain the most but don’t because we’re blinded by our division instead of uniting for tomorrow’s opportunities.


This is the reason I decided to start developing a plan to make trucking great for truckers, and that’s how the idea of this Alliance was born. The Owner-Operator & Small Carrier Alliance (OOSCA) was created with a sole purpose of becoming the most powerful collective voice of the Owner-Operators & Small Carriers (OOSC), the people who are responsible for keeping America surviving & thriving. Shippers, brokers & mega-carriers are waging WAR on the OOSC while posting record profits year after year, leaving the OOSC’s income to deteriorate to the point of our businesses becoming unsustainable. We are the most important link in the supply chain, and while we are too powerful for anyone to defeat us, it is always our own division that destroys us. Only by standing together will we be able to fight for fair terms, compensation & respect for everything we do and the many sacrifices we make for our beautiful country. It’s time we hold wealthy shippers and brokers that have been robbing us for way too long accountable to provide OOSC with what we are owed & deserve. We’re determined to end the race to the bottom so we can all thrive to be able to keep America moving AND our families fed. Make no mistake: we are at WAR and we are losing, badly, but we haven’t lost yet! The entire country relies on us and only us to keep everything moving, so there’s still a chance for us to band together and take this industry by the horns and make it bend to our whims! The only thing stopping us is our own division. The time to act was yesterday or last year or 30 years ago, but we don’t have that luxury, so the time to act is right now and not waste another second to win back our beloved industry!


Some people may be scared or pretend they like things the way they are or not believe in our power to accomplish our vision for a better trucking industry, but it is my hope that enough of us will understand the value of our plan and the urgency to act now, especially since it doesn’t involve any losses or liabilities to our businesses like all the other efforts tried so far. Those of us who understand that we can’t lose our business for any reason will understand the value that the OOSCA’s plan creates, while the rest will keep doing what they’ve been doing and go out of business like the many that have already done so. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing you’ve been doing but expecting different results.


Take a look at all the info on our site where we go over the industry and its’ issues, as well as our thoughts on the various methods we have at our disposal to transform the trucking industry to benefit its’ hardest working members, without any sacrifices on our part. It is our hope that you will join OOSCA so we can finally unite in our pursuit to save trucking! This is something we’re very passionate about but are powerless to do ourselves. We’ll need as many members as possible to join the fight because there’s great strength in numbers. Only when we are united in our common goals will we have enough power to get what we want & deserve. Simply put, our failure to unite will keep us fighting for scraps forever!


If you agree with our way of thinking & direction, we hope you’ll join the fight and become a member of the OOSCA so we can unite to form the strongest Alliance the trucking industry has ever seen to transform it into something we can all love & respect!


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join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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