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We all know that there have been a lot of ideas going around on how to change our industry, but unfortunately, none of them have worked out at all, and in fact have caused a lot of drivers to lose time and money with nothing to show for it. Sure an FMCSA representative may come outside to patronize us for 10 minutes, let us know they’re working on something or other that should make things better, but that never comes to fruition. I’m tired of seeing our brothers and sisters go out of their way at their own expense to try to do something, but their numbers are not strong enough, nor do they have millions for lobbying to attract the Government’s interest. Just because someone was able to amass 1,100 drivers for a protest, which is no small feat, that’s just a tiny drop in a very large bucket to our Government, relatively speaking. Out of 3,500,000 drivers, a group like that was unfortunately just wasting their time. No one in the Gov would take them seriously because they know that all those drivers will just go right back to work after their protest, unfortunately accomplishing nothing.


My thoughts on this matter are different. My plans are a lot more ambitious without the need for anyone to sacrifice anything. Everyone is different, and you may disagree but I have a family to feed. I don’t have the luxury of taking time off and driving somewhere or just boycotting a broker that’s obviously part of the problem but may also happens to be part of helping me feed my kids should there be no other alternatives. There are other ways to accomplish our goals, and while the boycotting of brokers is a small part of them, it cannot be done the way it’s being done, by itself and without enough support. It is obvious that both the shippers and brokers rely heavily on the OOSC to be able to make money and cannot survive without our labor.


Once we agree to finally unite for the noble pursuit of taking our future into our own hands and form an Alliance the likes of which has never existed, there will be no stopping us! We will not waver, tire, falter or fail in our resolve to pursue a future in trucking of which we can all be proud! Running a trucking business is very expensive and stressful. It’s about time our income reflected that!


check out the Rates & Rules page for our shipper demands, and the other detailed info pages for more info

join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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