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ClubHouse FAQ

everything you ever wanted to know about the Trucker ClubHouse but were afraid to ask

We all know that if we get something for nothing, we won’t really care about it or truly appreciate it and probably won’t even use it, right?! Beyond that, it takes a lot more time, money and effort to organize all the clubs and their activities. We’re looking for members who are actually interested in using our clubs and their benefits. Just imagine you joined a club and are looking to get in better shape or find a new friend just to see that there are a thousand members in the club and nobody is interested in doing anything. That is not the type of environment we’re looking to create. If you really want to achieve something, you have to make an effort and by paying for the service, you’ll hopefully actually use it. We have lots and lots of clubs for our members to take advantage of, including getting in better shape or some support for quitting a bad habit; finding new like-minded friends or significant others; getting some advise or to get advise on how to fix their truck or run their business or any other benefits we offer in our extensive ClubHouse selection. Check out our long list of clubs for yourself. There’s a good chance you’ll find something you’re interested in

The Social Club is more about making new like-minded friends and having interesting discussions about the world or your lives or the things you may have in common, while the BetterMe Club, as the name suggests, is more about actively trying to become a better version of yourself thru community advise and support

Where the BetterMe Club is for members to communicate with other members of the club, The Coach Club is similar in a way that it’s purpose is to help members with their issues, but the difference lies in that it’s for members to speak directly with someone who will actually do research on the member’s issues and actively try come up with solutions to help to become the best version of yourself possible, whether it be advise on life or love or anything else or to help you understand certain situations happening in your life and the reason for them, having someone to talk to or just vent to when you may have no one else for that or don’t want to be a burden to your loved ones, just having someone to just listen and/or to help you feel understood or be the motivator you need in your life to get to your next goal in life

It is because in the BetterMe Club you’re communicating with and getting support from other members in the Club, while in the Coach Club you’re communicating with someone who will actively try to help you with your issues. It’s not only about the time it takes to communicate with the members, but also the time it takes to research the issues behind the scenes to be able to actively help as best as we possibly can. The Coach Club doesn’t cost extra to join and is, of course, completely optional. No one is required to use its services, as you can just enjoy everything the BetterMe Club has to offer and skip the Coach Club altogether if you should so choose

Unfortunately not. The whole point of everything we do comes down to helping truckers win the war against brokers and shippers to be able to make a fair wage to not only survive but to thrive and be able to feed our families. The ClubHouse is an added feature of the OOSCA and is only available to OOSCA members of Silver Level and up

Though there are no refunds, you may cancel your membership at any time you choose to do so.

Should a members decide to cancel, they would lose:

  • All the benefits the OOSCA has gained from fighting to make trucking a better industry (all OOSCA benefits, including but not limited to our shipper partners’ loads & TransVertising contracts, will only be available to OOSCA members)
  • Founding Member Status with Custom ID Card, Member Number, Nickname & Discounts (should a member choose to rejoin in the future, they’ll be added as a Standard Member, get a standard basic ID, get a new member number, have to pick a new nickname from what’s left available and lose all Founding Member Discounts & Perks)
  • ClubHouse Memberships & Access
  • Any and all other benefits included in your membership, including your places in line for various opportunities and all future developments & programs

join the Alliance and let's get to war!

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