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Worthless Trucking Associations

ATA (37k members), OOIDA (160k members) and the smaller “trucker representatives”, and I use that term loosely, haven’t done anything for the OOSC. If you think they have, just look at what’s going on with the market and our industry. The ATA & OOIDA have been “fighting” for us forever, ATA since 1933 and the OOIDA since 1973 and we’re still completely screwed to this day. These associations say they’re in Washington fighting for our rights, but what have they done for us? You remember when they did that one thing? Yeah, me neither. Also, to work with Washington you have to play their game. You have to be just like the scumbag lobbyists or members of congress. You have to act like them and be buddies with them, basically be a scumbag yourself, and that’s who we trust to represent us?! I say we don’t want to be associated with anyone like that. The only thing those associations know how to do is take our hard-earned money to pay their bills and take their bonuses, nothing more. If they were on our side, we’d have less regulations on us and way more on the brokers, who do have regulations they’re supposed to follow, such as being completely transparent as to how much they’re scamming off the top, but no one is enforcing that as of yet, but maybe these so-called trucking associations just need another 50 or 100 years to get the ball rolling to get around to lobbying for us, right?


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