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Prior Failed Attempts at Fixing the Industry

Lots of ideas have been tried by truckers to fix the industry, without success. We REALLY appreciate our fellow brothers and sisters for trying, but those attempts had no chance. Some people drove their trucks to Washington and wasted their time and money for no reason because as long as the loads continued to move, the Government didn’t care. Some people like to park their trucks, but the other carriers, including mega-carriers, are happy to take our revenue and clients while we’re parked, so that does nothing except make our situation even worse. I mean, you’re sending brokers and shippers into the arms of the mega-carriers because they can be relied on to not park their trucks or drive to Washington. Some people tried hunger strikes, but that only hurt themselves and their families, not brokers, shippers or the Gov. Some organizations try open boycotts, but all that does is make the brokers blacklist those carriers and report them on Carrier411 so no other brokers will want to work with them either. The carrier associations say they exist to help us. Just keep sending them your money like you’ve been doing for the last hundred years and they’ll lobby “for us” in Washington, but that clearly goes nowhere, except our money going into the pockets of the association employees and the lobbyists that do nothing for us. Some say the Government should uphold the law that’s already in place and make sure the brokers have to be transparent about how much they’re scamming off the top, but all that’ll do is show us how much we’re being robbed. All that effort with nothing to show for our sacrifices except more loss.


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