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🚽 Economy is in the Toilet 🚽 How Can Trucking get better without Change?

Obviously we have a lot of problems in this industry, but there are other huge issues to consider that will sink the OOSC way lower than even our current position if we don’t act right now. Our thinking on this matter is as follows:


America is apparently a piggy bank, wasting money all over the place like we have an unlimited amount, or can print as much as “we” want. While our citizens are starving and becoming homeless, America is sponsoring all the wars around the globe, sending trillions of dollars to pay for god knows what. “We’re” paying for all the corporations and banks that are failing after they thoroughly robbed the public to take their profits and bonuses right before they file bankruptcy and all the depositors lose their entire life savings… no matter, we’ll just print more money. Print and print and print and print… but by printing all that money, inflation gets out of control making our once-great US dollar more and more worthless. Venezuela is a great example of what’s to come. They have millions of their worthless Bolivars laying all over the streets, and our money is well on it’s way to becoming toilet paper with every fresh sheet we print. However you want to look at it, inflation is another form of taxation, like we don’t already have enough of that. If you don’t think so, just compare how much groceries (or truck parts, supplies…) cost even last year to what they cost this year. The prices are skyrocketing with no sign of slowing down, and it’s not because the farmers and retailers and everyone else suddenly got greedy. It’s because of inflation. But most of Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck before all these issues. Since inflation is getting more and more out of control and people don’t have enough money to cover their basic expenses like groceries and rent, how are they supposed to have extra spending money to go get something they want, like clothing for example. There are lots of examples that can be used, but since there’s no extra money, there’s no extra spending, and since there’s no extra spending, the stores no longer need our trucks to bring them their inventory.


This economy is worse than it’s been in a long time, no matter how low the Feds tell us inflation is or if you identify more with red or blue. No matter what, we don’t see how it can get any better. The wars will go on and our involvement in those wars because they’re extremely profitable. Things may, in fact, get worse if NATO gets pulled into the current conflict, and the bank closures are just the beginning since there have been a few recent articles saying hundreds more banks were in serious trouble and may go under. Of course the Government is going to bail them out at an astronomical cost to US citizens, making the cash in our pockets even more worthless. And have you heard about the BRICS nations coming out with a gold-backed currency to dethrone the US dollar as the global reserve currency? Lots of countries are lining up to trade their US dollars in for that. It has a lot of support and may very well be the end for us. If the amount of money we’re getting paid to do these loads doesn’t go way up, and soon, everything we’ve worked so hard for will fail. No one is coming to our rescue, so we have to unite in our efforts to WIN THIS WAR! It’s up to us to make trucking profitable or we’re finished.


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